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SHR System

Painless accuracy

Diatermia Ionic Pro C10

Capacitive and Resistive. All-in-one

HIFU Focal Pro V10

Face and body. Three depths

Sculptor Pro M10

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation

Laser depilation

State-of-the-art laser hair removal

Innova Pressotherapy

Professional massages

Hifu Focal PRO V10

Face and body. Three depths
Máquina Hifu Focal PRO V10

Sculptor PRO M10

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation
Aparato Sculptor PRO M10

Laser depilation

State-of-the-art laser hair removal

Aparato profesional de depilación láser

Innova Pressotherapy

Professional massages

Aparato profesional de presoterapia Innova


Advanced LED hair removal

Aparato profesional de depilación Led Omed


Advanced LED hair removal

Treatments with our devices

Innovapro’s professional aesthetic devices introduce cutting-edge technology into your business so that you can give the best response to the aesthetic treatments mostly demanded by your customers.

Reasons to choose us

The aesthetic devices your beauty salon needs

We offer the best professional aesthetic devices


We develop our devices thinking of the daily needs of your company.


Our aesthetic devices are designed to facilitate your work safely and effectively.


We invest in technology to achieve more efficient and durable equipment.


Our main asset is our customers. We work to meet your expectations.

Equipment by and for professionals

We start from our experience in the aesthetics field and rely on the professional connection we have created with our clients. This symbiosis offers us a unique and real vision of the demands of aesthetic professionals who have to adapt to a changing world, that in beauty, is in continuous evolution.
At Innovapro we develop aesthetic equipment for professionals like you

Aesthetic equipment for your customers

Innovapro’s aesthetic devices arise with the professional in thought and in the needs of their customers. The current consumer of aesthetic treatments, no matter if he is a man or a woman, is characterized by being well informed of the latest developments in the field, which makes him a demanding client who knows what he wants.
Our devices satisfy your search for beauty


Because the treatments developed by our devices require a smaller number of treatments.


Having more profitable equipment allows you to offer your clients treatments adapted to their budget.


The expected results are achieved with a lower expense thanks to the efficiency of the equipment.


A painless treatment is equivalent to a satisfied customer willing to repeat.

Devices for your business

Your business needs high-performance equipment that allows you to increase your income and a quick return of the investment made.

Invest meaningfully

Our Laxer SHR System platform allows you to provide the most demanded treatments in aesthetics with a single equipment (hair removal, radiofrequency, cavitation, photo rejuvenation).

Increase and build customer loyalty to boost the economic cycle of your business

We grow with you

In Innovapro we provide you with everything you need, state-of-the-art aesthetic equipment, professional advice, continuous training, and technical assistance throughout Spain to get the most out of your device. We help you to give the best service.

We help you decide

Latest technology in hair removal

In most aesthetic and beauty medical centers, laser hair removal can account for 60% of their income. Choosing the right device is primordial.

Fabricamos y distribuímos aparatología estética facial y corporal para los profesionales más exigentes.

In the field of definitive hair removal, we are a reference. Innovapro’s Laxer SHR System  provides painless hair removal for all hair types. Due to its price and its unique features in the market, it becomes the essential hair removal device for beauty salons looking for comfort, efficiency, and profitability.

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